What exactly makes Community Banks different and so valuable

How does a COMMUNITY Bank differ in a better way from any of the big PRIVATE Banks? In a nutshell they contribute rather than extract from the local economy. That has an enormous DOUBLEING effect on available investment funds locally. The Hampshire bank1st and the Lancashire 2nd (followed by Yorkshire) Community Banks will each have: […]

J Corbyn

Good old Jeremy faced with making a decision He used to be indecisive but now he is not so sure.

Graph of coins

The UK economic forecast after escaping the European tyrants and REALITY prevails

Lady discovered REALITY

WOWSER is the YOU-TUBE comic video “Money as Debt” by cartoonist Paul Grignon REALY TRUE This young lady has just discovered REALITY-world and just can’t believe it!

What Banks do OUT OF THIS world

What the Banks do to you daily is out of THIS world! (you put the money IN the BANK and they employ gangsters to Rob it, (called Accountants!) View You-Tube comic strip video “Money as Debt”

Gabriela submitting her Blog

Gabriela at the airport submitting her BLOG to”REALITY-world.” She has just realised “REALITY” thinking benefits the WHOLE “world”!


  ICELANDIC MONEY REFORM   Written by Stanislas Jourdan on October 6, 2015. Members of the Icelandic Parliament have submitted a motion to review Iceland’s monetary system and look at alternative monetary systems Last week, a resolution calling for the establishment of a special commission to “carry out a review of the arrangements of money […]

BREXIT article

BREXIT and a cautionary TALE of two Countries WHY BRITAIN MUST ESCAPE from the European BANKING CLUTCHES = absolutely NO DEAL is the ONLY option that puts UK people in the driving seat And why Europe AND the IMF/WORLD BANK  and our corrupt lying politicians want us to stay in SO THEY CAN DO A […]

RIP coffin economy

R. I. P. the UK economy. The Banksters have murdered it in cold blood. Supported by successive weak governments REALITY TELLS YOU HOW TO REVIVE IT.        SIMPLES.

your cash is the Banks

When you put your money into any privately owned high street Bank. IT is instantly and legally no longer yours. The law of the land says it now belongs to the bank. Fortunately they usually let you have most of it back. Because they are kind that way? Mark carney Governor of the bank of […]

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