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BREXIT and a cautionary TALE of two Countries


= absolutely NO DEAL is the ONLY option that puts UK people in the driving seat

And why Europe AND the IMF/WORLD BANK  and our corrupt lying politicians want us to stay in SO THEY CAN DO A BIGGER HATCHET JOB on the UK than they did to GREECE.

THIS is THE only issue BUT is the only one never mentioned by any politician OR media WHY ??

ANSWER  they are scared we might catch on!!

Compare GREECE’s difficulties WITHIN EUROPE (recovering from the global bank crash)

AND ICELAND OUTSIDE EUROPE (a sovereign independent country)

Greece was FORCED to accept THREE Eurozone bailout deals without ANY guarantees regarding its future. .

CONSEQUENTIALY IT cost GREECE 7.2 Billion (Iceland did it for NOTHING) as the UK can JUST WALK AWAY

VERY EXPENSIVE Short-term financing was arranged to help ?? Greece get through July and emergency funding has enabled the banks to reopen for the first time since June. GREECE WAS BLACK MAILED (with friends like that who needs enemies). WHAT THIS ACTUALLY MEANT WAS the Banks cut OFF their money supply and then LENT their OWN money back to them at a crippling COMPOUND interest rates to be paid for by the next generation of little GREEKS !!

But the bailout was widely criticised and there are many SENSIBLE voices still arguing that Greece should leave the Eurozone.13 July bailout deal was hammered out, and Greece successfully negotiated the first of many hurdles put up by its Eurozone partners?? Just as they are doing to the UK. (if put in the same position the French PEOPLE wouldn’t stand for it….. so why does the UK PEOPLE?)………when we know all UK banks and all UK Politicians are only interested in themselves.

The most important obstacle was in the Greek parliament, where the Syriza-led government survived a rebellion and pushed through tough reforms on VAT, pensions and early retirement which it’s Eurozone partners said were an immediate test for the government to pass.

That triggered a deal on €7.16bn in emergency funding, to enable the government to pay its arrears to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and its July bill from the privately owned European Central Bank (ECB). ALL CHARGED AT COMPOUND INTEREST by the PARICITECAL privately owned GREEK banks

Significantly, it also prompted the ECB to lift its limit on emergency cash assistance for the Greek banks, which were allowed to reopen on 20 July, three weeks after they were shut, and after CREATING MORE DEBT!!for its poverty stricken PEOPLE to TRY and pay back over many life times.

ICELAND meanwhile being OUTSIDE Europe achieved all this successfully without borrowing anything.

The Icelandic PEOPLE marched on Parliament and demanded the Government LEAVE and be replaced. And all bank debt written off. THEY made an instant economic recovery and today have a prosperous thriving economy.

Everyone asks will Greece return to normal?

Not for years if ever, and that depends on weeks of negotiations on the terms of the third DEBT CREATING Bankster bailout.

Capital controls, imposed when the ECB froze emergency liquidity assistance for the banks (ELA), are unlikely to be lifted for some time. So while the banks are open again, cash withdrawals will be limited to €420 per week.

The REALITY is that Greece has now been condemned to permanent austerity through no fault of its people. The financial crisis hit Greece and its reckless banks and week government hard. The jobless rate is above 25% and youth unemployment is as high as 50%.

A typical news summary at the time was:-    It is important to investors and financial gamblers and others trying to predict the impact on the world economy, on Greece itself and the Greek financial crisis, and on financial interactions around the world….NO MENTION of the REAL street level POVERTY caused by the EUROPEAN BANKS.

In spite of all bank support Greek economy still unravels

After three emergency bailouts and the biggest debt restructuring in history, talk has again turned to the country dropping out of the currency union

European finance ministers will once again deliberate over how to treat Greece’s ongoing debt crisis. With the country desperately grappling with refugees pouring across its borders. ALSO caused by international banking mis-management.

A meeting on Monday of finance ministers from the Eurozone will determine whether creditors are to be given the green light to complete a long-delayed review of Greek economic recovery plans.

The review has been held up by disagreement among lenders over how much MORE Athens needs to cut from public spending. It is seen as key to reviving Greece’s banking sector and restoring business and consumer confidence.

“I think the situation right now is more dangerous than it was last summer,” the former finance minister Gikas Hardouvelis told the Guardian.

Many companies are relocating to Bulgaria, Albania, Romania and Cyprus as a result of over-taxation

THE SAME MEDICINE WAS GIVEN to the UK with same AUSTERITY resulting!!! Banks only want PROFIT

Meanwhile, the once booming tourism trade has taken a hit as bookings to Aegean isles have collapsed because of refugee arrivals. Last week, it was announced by Greece’s official statistics agency, Elstat, that the debt-stricken GREECE had dipped back into recession.

After three emergency bailouts and the biggest debt restructuring/ in history, talk once again has turned to the country dropping out of the single currency.

EUROPE will only let BRITAIN leave when it is BANKRUPT and no use to them.

Businessmen and bankers in private concede that as the economy disintegrates the possibility of a parallel currency is now openly being discussed. “The probability of Grexit is still there,” added Hardouvelis. “It has not gone away. Just look at the yield investors are required to pay on Greek bonds.”

Everyone agrees that time is of the essence. Further delays make potentially explosive reforms – starting with the overhaul of the pension system – harder to sell for a leftist-led government that in recent months has faced protest on the streets.

“We have no time,” finance minister Euclid Tsakalotos told the European parliament’s economics committee last week. “We hope the IMF will become more reasonable.”  THAT IS NOT IN THEIR DNA.

The Oxford–educated economics professor has repeatedly said that postponement makes any plan “to escape the vicious circle of measures-recession-new measures” almost impossible.

But the IMF, under pressure from its own member states, insists that Greece will have to implement additional measures worth €9bn (£6.96bn), or 4.5% of GDP, if it is to meet an agreed budget surplus of 3.5% in the years ahead.

Without debt relief or deeper cuts to the pension system, the Washington-based body does not expect Greece to be able to meet that target.

While Europe wants the IMF to remain involved in the bailout programme, debt relief – even in the form of extending maturities on bonds – remains politically an anathema to Eurozone lenders. Meanwhile, cuts to pensions, which have been slashed numerous times since the onset of the crisis in late 2009, are unthinkable for the government.

With disbursement of aid also held up, debt due for repayment this summer has hastened the need for a solution. “As far as Greece’s bailout is concerned, the bigger problem remains the ongoing disagreement between the Europeans and the IMF over the size of the fiscal adjustment necessary,” said head of European analysis at their London-based Eurasia risk consultancy.

Any hopes that Greece’s frontline role in the refugee crisis could see creditors soften their stance were quashed ahead of the meeting on Sunday when Germany ruled out giving Athens more time to achieve budget goals. “The refugee issue and the aid program for Greece should not be mixed,” a spokesman for Berlin’s hard line finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble told Reuters, setting the scene for the standoff to intensify in Brussels.


HERE the BANK and POLITICLE so called EXPERTS work to FIX the PROBLEM

Definittionof an expertis a has beenunderpressure

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